An (In)formal Chat


Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?
I’m Chelsea, I’m from Northern Virginia, and I’m in a band called SHAED.


What inspired you guys to start playing music?
We all grew up surrounded by music. Max and Spencer’s mom taught them to harmonize and they began piano lessons at a young age. My parents love music and were always blasting [The] B-52’s, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles, so it was only natural that we ended up playing music.


What inspires your creativity on a daily basis?


Tell us about a project (or two) that you’re currently working on (or recently completed) and excited about?
We are currently working on an album that we’re releasing in the fall. We’re really excited about it because it will be our first full length record!


What artist(s) have you been really into lately?
SZA, King Princess, H.E.R


Do you remember what the first album you ever bought was?
Yes! No Strings Attached by N*SYNC. My dad bought it for me and I remember listening to it on repeat for weeks.


What is your favorite part about the music industry?
My favorite part is writing. As a group we are so close which makes writing songs and performing together so much fun. We all three live together in a small house outside of DC. We have a studio in the back of our house where we can write and record whenever we want.


What food and/or cocktail could you go for right now?
Favorite food: Chia Seed Pudding
Cocktail: Vodka Soda


What do you wish you could change about the music industry?
I wish bigger artists were more inclined to collaborate with smaller artists.


What’s your favorite time of year?
Fall is my favorite! The weather is so beautiful and it really makes touring around the country fun.


Something that freaks you out or makes you nervous?
I’m not really a risk taker or a dare devil so a lot of things freak me out. We were on tour last year and stopped at a hot spring in Nevada where there were signs everywhere warning about a brain eating amoeba. Everyone, including our tour manager and photographer, got in while I watched from afar! I was too freaked out to go in!


Weirdest or most fun/memorable experience (music related) you’ve ever had?
The most incredible thing that has happened to us thus far is having our song Trampoline in an Apple commercial last year. People who would have never heard our music were now hearing it through one of the biggest companies in the world. This has really launched our careers and has allowed us to do a ton of features on other artists’ songs and travel the world (we are going to Japan to play two festivals in August).


If you could fly anywhere right now, where would you go?
New Zealand 🙂


Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?
Covered in fur because I’m always freezing!


Something you’d like to accomplish in the next five years?
I’d like to keep evolving musically and personally with my husband and my best friend!

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