Custom music is at the core of what we do. We’ve composed award winning original music, from orchestral to electronic and all styles in between.

We’re passionate about collaboration and the execution of great ideas. With our ever-growing network of composers and over forty years of collective experience let us take your project as far as it can go.

We realize that music placement and licensing open up a world of musical possibilities for our clients. Drawing on our network of bands, artists, and music industry insiders, we will find the perfect track for your movie, commercial or TV program, negotiate the terms and handle all of the admin on the back end.

Our sound design services provide realistic or experimental textures to your film or animation. We can pull from our extensive library or create custom sounds that will enhance your vision and bring your project to life.

We pride ourselves in producing warm, crisp and hi-fidelity mixes for broadcast and online. Our engineers will guarantee that your message will translate across all mediums.

If you need voice over recording for your next project then our studio is equipped with ISDN allowing you to connect with artists from all over the world.

Our constantly growing library covers all genres and musical styles.  Contact us for a library pull and we’ll deliver multiple tracks that can be customized to suit your edit.